The Creation of Consciousness

Consciousness, Individuation, self realization, Socrates’s “Know Thyself,” becoming fully human:  all of these conditions are anchors of integrity.  Integrating more and more hidden, buried, or undiscovered, pieces of our psychologies enlarges our personalities by creating consciousness.  The tools discussed in this website offer method to the madness of  creating consciousness by individuating.  If you’re younger than mid-life, do not try this at home.

We might want to say individuation is transformation, but transformation acts upon the material things in the world. We might want to say individuation is spiritualization, but that takes you across the earthly border into a strange land, albeit a land where divinity is waiting to be discovered.  What Individuation is, is the creation of consciousness by continuously integrating the unconscious contents into our human souls.


I have written a book, a true story, The WASP and El Curandero.  If you read it, you will find journal entries of intentional manipulation of ways and means of individuation within the Magical World View of Mexican Folk Culture where Deseo (Eros)  for The Other had me dancing madly across physical, cultural, and spiritual borders.  Yes, I was able to find my Shadow in Mexico. I was even able to get in bed with it (acculturate).


But I have to tell you something.  Although I made this website because the literary agents said my book was dead in the water without it, my true yearning is to offer ways and means to create consciousness.  For we’re in the age of suffocation–of earth, ocean, and human. Well, at the least we can say the Baby Boomers are on their way out.  C.G. Jung says we’re moving out of the Age of Pisces, and entering the Age of Aquarius, thank god.   Increasing consciousness is a laudable way to meet the end of an age such as we’ve come to.  We’re rising up psychically out of the deep with more integrity, personality, and principles.


I know these tools: cultural anthropology, journaling, and Jungian theory, for they help me deal with life on life’s terms, but they are just a few of the templates that can be laid over any life’s navigation. They have sometimes helped me meet and greet Jung’s archetypes with whose personalities I can expand my own consciousness.  This is a simplistic way to describe how we individuate to gain integrity.

You might as well know, once you have set your feet upon the path of individuation, you have begun a journey.  Tinkering under the hood with these  tools of individuation you can enjoy travelling the scenic route which is definitely not the straight and narrow.  And if these tools do their job to any degree, integrity will be the carrot that draws you onward as you trudge the road to happy destiny.  I’m still travelling with you.

We should never forget we are some among many on earth, the many being those who are, more or less, having their psyches rearranged for them in indiscriminate ways.  It’s a great work to contribute your widow’s mite to the creation of consciousness, and in this website, you will learn to be intentional about it.

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