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I thought this illustration was interesting, but I should introduce it with the note that an Introvert site presented it.

Jung developed the theory of introvert and extrovert as personality traits, and then expanded his insights into “personality typology.”  This typology considers:

extrovert vs. introvert

sensing vs.  intuition

thinking vs. feeling

judging vs. perceiving


The practical result for today is the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator which is used by many businesses and organizations for pre-employment screening, leadership development, team building, and career counseling.  Oh!  And marriage compatability!

Take the Meyers Briggs Personality Test

There are several sites on which you can take different renditions of the Meyers Briggs.  And there are also many books you can read for more information.  Many books.

Jung devoted one volume of his Collected Works to Personality Types.   Personality Types Vol. 6


Author: Katherine Brittain

Writer/Cultural Anthropologist

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