Cresting The Source

Boogie boarding is like riding the driving force of the collective unconscious. You guide with your hands, but the Divine Power will take you where it wants, which is exactly where you’re supposed to be, regardless of your designs.

What I see as I ride the crest is blue skies, white clouds, and golden grains of sand. And you standing in the surf looking out over the cresting waves at the far horizon. The Wizard looking across the sea of the collective unconscious to the land of <Cuba??>

I hope someday we go there together.

p.s.  I found a sea bean from your far shore where you learned from the magician.  I found it way up in the dunes last weekend, not buried, but begging by tickling my fancy to be picked up and put in my treasure chest.

Yes, I hope someday we go there together.  Even if it’s just Cuba.  I miss you.


Author: Katherine Brittain

Writer/Cultural Anthropologist

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