The Mermaid and the Magician

~written by Hrodspreht; mused by me~


And if I take her hand and guide it where it yearns to be
Will she lose touch of all her cares?
Seeing what she sees, perched aloft a swelling wave
In an unknown place
A foreign shore
And she wonders
Have I flown too far?
Scintillating fiery sea surrounds a tousled mermaid’s glee
And she wonders
Will no one play with me?


A mirage upon the sand, some frozen figure standing firm
Feels no wind, nor surf, nor spray
Nor hears the sea gulls chattering away
He’s feeling something she’s not felt
And he wonders,
Would she stand as I?
At my side?
Let’s go haunt the sunken ships
And search for treasure at the ferry slip!
She shouts across the sparkling plane
Perhaps he’s hungry, thirsty maybe?
Musing with a flutter of her tail
Why’s he such a bore?
She’s diving, chasing schools, hands searching Poking, prodding,
Scallops for dinner and urchins too
This swim is for you, not me,
I mean me, not you, argh, ours?


Well, the ocean currents have their course…
And what was it I was after?
Something, something…
…need a word…

Author: Katherine Brittain

Writer/Cultural Anthropologist

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