iPhone conversation in which Kevin Cavazos explains WASP practical values:

Me:  It was good being with you, Rahul, and Mary Jo this morning at Taco Palenque.  I forgot to bring up our tabled “WASP” conversation.  Hope your meeting went well.  Oh! BTW, I think you look like Grant Morrison!

Kevin:  It was good having breakfast with u all, too, although I was rushed…and I guess I do resemble Grant Morrison…and

…WASPness is what this country was founded on.  That’s why we’re not Quebec, Mexico, or Brazil.

Anglo practical values are:  1) hard work, 2) keep it clean and organized, 3) don’t show off, 4) who needs that fluffy romantic whimsical bourgeois stuff, 5) keep it real, 6) mind your manners, and 7) don’t bother me.


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