Individuation is a continual process of integrating into awareness, unrecognized or undiscovered fragments of our psychologies where we then have a choice about how to manage the delved treasure.  Individuation can help you reclaim energy from your psyche–energy that perhaps got repressed, or suppressed, which can make you depressed.  The band wagon for perfection through societal proscriptions is often the culprit for way-laid energy.

We might want to say individuation is psychological transformation, but transformation works upon the material. So we might want to say individuation is spiritualization, but that’ll take you across the earthly border into a strange land where spirit flees from body. What Individuation is, is a matamorphosis of personality.

In this site, the suggested tools for individuating, cultural anthropology, journaling, Jungian theory can help you fish out of the sea of the collective unconscious, life-inspiring images which the psychoanalyst, Carl Jung calls archetypes.  Archetypal images are the face of the energies resident in the collective unconscious, the source of human consciousness. If you can expand your consciousness, you can release energy.

(It’s about wholeness, not perfection.)

Author: Katherine Brittain

Writer/Cultural Anthropologist

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