“Magick has many aspects, but primarily it acts as a dramatized system of psychology” — Robert Anton Wilson

I was surprised when I Googled “what are the kinds of magic” and got this long list:
Necromancy,Dark Arts,Spell Casting, Alchemy, Blood Magic, Elemental Magic,
Almighty Magic, Mysticism, Sex Magic, Technomagic, Animancy, Demonic Magic, Eldritch Magic, Abjuration, Druidic Magic, White Arts.

But these listed are of the kind talked about in books I ogled in the New Age section of Hastings in 1997. That same year, when I transitioned from the Episcopal Rite I to Jung’s Collected Works, I also snuck into the Black Dragon New Age store, tucked away off 10th St., hoping no one would see me.  As a WASP I clamily investigated the (expensive) tools of the trade of Magick.

Sympathetic Magic is not included in the above list, but in reality it is the only one I know and did practice. And there’s a difference between a New Age store and the yerberia in The WASP. and El Curandero Also, the clientele of the curandero is legitimately desperate for a cure for his existential angst.


from Wikipedia:

Sympathetic magic, also known as imitative magic, is a type of magic based on imitation or correspondence.




Author: Katherine Brittain

Writer/Cultural Anthropologist

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