iPhone conversation in which Kevin Cavazos explains WASP practical values:

Me:  It was good being with you, Rahul, and Mary Jo this morning at Taco Palenque.  I forgot to bring up our tabled “WASP” conversation.  Hope your meeting went well.  Oh! BTW, I think you look like Grant Morrison!

Kevin:  It was good having breakfast with u all, too, although I was rushed…and I guess I do resemble Grant Morrison…and

…WASPness is what this country was founded on.  That’s why we’re not Quebec, Mexico, or Brazil.

Anglo practical values are:  1) hard work, 2) keep it clean and organized, 3) don’t show off, 4) who needs that fluffy romantic whimsical bourgeois stuff, 5) keep it real, 6) mind your manners, and 7) don’t bother me.


“Magick has many aspects, but primarily it acts as a dramatized system of psychology”

“Pope Bob,” Robert Anton Wilson

Psychosis as “The Holy.” (thanks Raskolnikov, Reddit r/occult)

Before mankind evolved Ego consciousness (i.e. prefrontal cortex), numinosity was manifested with schizophrenic-like symptoms including trance, visions, and glossolalia. The most developed form of this was present in shamans, who worked extremely hard to develop enough Ego consciousness to balance out the inner instability. As mankind progressed, we’ve unlocked “syntaxic” modes which allow us to integrate the unconscious and conscious in channeling numinosity, such as creativity.


How to Paradigm Shift (thanks Chase Bryan, Reddit-r/occult)

Chase:  “I’m 25 as of now.  I’m growing my hermit’s beard hahaha.  I haven’t been to college.  And I dropped out of high school in 11th grade.”

me:  “Steve Jobs, Collin Wilson…. They (and I) would say you are untainted with flecks of paint.  I don’t know what I mean by that. Probably that the original, the genuine, is unmasked. Or probably you’re free to (yes!) you’re free to shift paradigms. Please take me with you. You are my guide and guardian in the Other (need a word) Atom?”

Chase:  “Haha It’s simple. First realize nihilism or nothingness in it’s entirety. Realize that this is truth and that nothing you or anyone else presupposes as truth is true. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. (I had several people who tried to combat me on this by saying, is it true that nothing is true? For some reason everyone wants to argue with me…) You permit within your mind what your truth is by your mental acceptance. Research all you can about nihilism and dive into it head first and make this your reality. It begins as faith, then it will become (with enough thought) the truest reality you can know to exist. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Upon achieving this, you can then pick any religion. Start with one you truly hate. This will become your religion. There is no end date until you come back to the realization of nothingness.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Once you have chosen your first religion, then proceed to understand all of it’s facets. Learn the mysticism, read the books, watch videos, communicate with others part of your religion. Learn everything you possibly can. Worship the God or Goddess of the religion. Pray to it. Perform the austerities such as fasting and meditation. Follow the religions rules of conduct. This is your religion. Believe in it.

Once you arrive back at phase 1 realization, stay in this mode as long as you like. You can even learn that phase 1 is not inherently true either. Or move onwards to a different religion. Do the same thing with it until you are at least 90% sure this one is true. Live and breathe it. Study it. Become a devotional devotee of your new religion.

You can learn that all religion’s major philosophers had one thing in common. And that is an understanding of God/Goddess is not external or outside of your own self. There is nothing that really exists outside of yourself. To you, if you were to cease to exist, then everyone else within reality would also cease to exist along with you. If your reality ends, so too does everything and everyone else. At least from your perspective. But how do you know there is anything other than your self?

Belief paradigm shifting can be fun or very painful to the mind. Be careful because others could consider you mad, because 90% of the population will not even understand if you try to explain it to them. Maybe that’s why I am a recluse.”


Ni~no’s Despensation of Technology

       I think one important thing to remember about the Fidencista Movement is the absolutely essential part photography plays in the dissemination of its gospel. You can imagine the impact photographs would have on bolstering religious faith.  For perhaps the first time in the history of divinity, the presence of photographs can prove beyond any doubt the existence of its main man.  In this new Dispensation of Technology, the faith factor relevant to Fidencismo becomes not Christ’s admonition to the doubting Thomas:  “Blessed are they who have not seen,” but more like:  “Blessed are they who have seen the most photographs.”  Alberto has a lot of photographs, perhaps the most extensive collection outside of Espinazo.  ~me in “The WASP and El Curandero

I no longer fear The Lord of Espinazo. I have become his disciple.

I had decided not to publish W&C for fear of Tony Zavaleta’s wrath.  That Tony makes a good villain for the book, but the real Tony …

…the real Tony is a treasured friend and mentor.

He talks about pulling out his vast collection of photos of things Ni~no.  He has stirred up the old passion for…

…for Ni~no?  No….

…for Alberto hahaha.

Hi, Alberto.  Are you here?  Your friends miss you.