Journaling is good for:

-drawing on imagination

-generating well-being

-recording posterity.

-But if you want to throw a line into the unconscious…


By putting fingers to pen to paper, you prepare the conditions for coaxing images out of the numinous.  Numinous what, you ask?  I’m not sure, but it’s like fishing in the dark–something mysterious is taking the bait.

But you can’t think or you’ll scare them away with the brightness of your mind.  Let it be your soul that communicates.


Symbolically, The Source is the ocean:  the source of earthly life.  This implies we’re in the realm of Water.

So, we might happily think of journaling as priming the pump between The Source and your soul.

(You can get a thesis out of journaling, too. After two and one-half years of primary ethnographic field research, I had eight journals filled with more dialogue and (justified) exclamation marks than proper for purely academic work. The creative nonfiction,The WASP and El Curandero required redemption from the dry documentation used in my Master’s thesis in Anthropology.  Literary Production)