Depth Psychology

Jung untunnelled my vision with imagination in just four years.

The great instrument of moral good is the imagination.
-Percy Shelley
Imagination is the instrument of Self Knowledge.
-Fyodor Dostoevsky

Jung provided the vehicle of active imagination for me to retrieve fractions of myself from undiscovered (I don’t know what.) Whatever, sometimes fractions I found (I can’t say from where, either) had my name on them.

Let’s just admit even though we can’t name It, It’s there. The obscure Hindu Sakta literature calls it pure consciousness.  Jung calls it The Self of the Collective Unconscious. From my WASP fishbowl I call it God.

Jung’s theories have been debunked. What you need is Behavioral Science.

-a therapist

That therapist could be right. Who wants to lose their marbles in their own fishbowl?  However, this writer’s theory is imagination can never be debunked.

And what if we were all to become Fully Human . . . well, that’s a lovely matter for the imagination.