For Literary Agents

So you think you’re done working when you finish writing the book?

Rejection Report as of 9 February 2018
*I have submitted to 135 agents, in 7 waves,
*Been rejected 133 times
*Received 1 request for full mss, which was subsequently rejected because I didn’t have a website.

I don’t cry, but I cried after that one. Technology has been used to throwing me down and rubbing my face in the sand. It’s called bullying the 97 byte weakling.

But after 3 weeks of 16-hour days, I’m so excited! The tables have turned! Now I just throw some HTMLs at WordPress, and I’m like Alexander the Great, riding triumphantly into the left side of the brain.


Thank you Rick, the literary agent, for pushing platforms on me. Now will you finish reading The WASP and El Curandero?

Here are my elements of submission:

Basic Query Letter

1-page synopsis


First 10 pages