(2002).  The Via Negativa.  Unpublished.

I love to watch you dance the Via Negativa;
Watch you prance around in scenes interior.
I’d love to join you in feeling superior,
Pues, Aiy!  Donde esta mi Diva?

Aiy! I want to dance with you, the Via Negativa!
But my Diva left for Ottawa.
Is it possible to say you saw
Me dance the Via Positiva?  No?

Well, then;

If we’re to dance together, the Via Negativa,
As soul mates knowing where we’re going;
Then the arrival not to where we’re going
Es en los manos de su Diva.

“Diva” means ‘goddess.’


Dancing, swimming, circumambulating, boogie boarding:  they are all just modes of locomotion to the far land  you can see on the horizon over the cresting waves.  Is that home?  Doesn’t matter how you get there.  Just, you gotta move.