Ni~no’s Despensation of Technology

       I think one important thing to remember about the Fidencista Movement is the absolutely essential part photography plays in the dissemination of its gospel. You can imagine the impact photographs would have on bolstering religious faith.  For perhaps the first time in the history of divinity, the presence of photographs can prove beyond any doubt the existence of its main man.  In this new Dispensation of Technology, the faith factor relevant to Fidencismo becomes not Christ’s admonition to the doubting Thomas:  “Blessed are they who have not seen,” but more like:  “Blessed are they who have seen the most photographs.”  Alberto has a lot of photographs, perhaps the most extensive collection outside of Espinazo.  ~me in “The WASP and El Curandero

I no longer fear The Lord of Espinazo. I have become his disciple.

I had decided not to publish W&C for fear of Tony Zavaleta’s wrath.  That Tony makes a good villain for the book, but the real Tony …

…the real Tony is a treasured friend and mentor.

He talks about pulling out his vast collection of photos of things Ni~no.  He has stirred up the old passion for…

…for Ni~no?  No….

…for Alberto hahaha.

Hi, Alberto.  Are you here?  Your friends miss you.

How to Paradigm Shift, according to Chase Bryan

I practice what I call “Belief Paradigm Shifting“, where I take a supposed (religious) belief and make that my reality to where it is true as far as I can see it. I talk it, I have faith in it, and I act it out in my daily life until I come back to phase 1 where I believe in nothing. I don’t even get cognitive dissonance any more and I am at rather an odd stage where I don’t see purpose to anything. When I look at nothing as inherently true until I define it as such, then I am in my purest form. I perform experiments on my mind and others with regards to paradigm shifting reality.

~Chase Bryan

Now that you have two examples of Epperees, please try to craft one for yourself.

You can submit them here, and I will give you a grade!

Princesses Gigi and Julieanne ~An Eperee~


Dear, sweet


Pampered princess,

Disgruntled widow,

Lots of time on her hands.

Takes great delight in teaching

My daughter, pampered princess two,

Womanly wiles that, when utilized,

Trap me between both Princess’s demands.

Explaining an “Epperee.”

I thought after posting my eperee, “See Casket?  See Kay Run?,” I should explain what an eperee is.

When was this written?  2007?  Hugh is the one who introduced it to the old Writing Group in the McAllen Public Library.

I found it to be so much fun to craft.  But even more so because when one thinks of Hugh, one things of nudists colonies and Hugh riding naked on a camel in the Sahara!

I still have the “nudists” calendar he gave me.


An epperee is crafted like this:

The first line=one syllable, adding one syllable/line until you reach the tenth line for a total of ten syllables.

I’ll submit another one to you as an example, and then you try it.

Submit it here and I’ll give you a grade. (joke)



“You are pure consciousness.”

       You do realize that you are that pure consciousness referred to as “God” in the obscure Sakti literature? The 3 dimensional realm we exist within is merely a fabricated illusion. You’re truest nature is consciousness, the material world is a fabrication your mind creates. If there were no consciousness within you, then there would be no you or idea of the existence of a God, world, or a concept of consciousness.  ~Chase Bryan