Explaining an “Epperee.”

I thought after posting my eperee, “See Casket?  See Kay Run?,” I should explain what an eperee is.

When was this written?  2007?  Hugh is the one who introduced it to the old Writing Group in the McAllen Public Library.

I found it to be so much fun to craft.  But even more so because when one thinks of Hugh, one thinks of nudists colonies and Hugh riding naked on a camel in the Sahara!

I still have the “nudists” calendar he gave me.


An epperee is crafted like this:

The first line=one syllable, adding one syllable/line until you reach the tenth line for a total of ten syllables.

I’ll submit another one to you as an example, and then you try it.

Submit it here and I’ll give you a grade. (joke)



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