Usage report for market blitz on social media, aka “platforms.”

I’m not sharing this post to any social media. I’m just getting frustration off my chest. Next year, I won’t joke about being a Techie because I will really be one.

I was so surprised to be a Techie after making my website, I decided to ride the crest of success and launch a marketing blitz on all social media.

This is a usage report.

Not one “follow” in 7 days.

**My Facebook friends:  no “follows,” but thoughtful advice: instead of using, for my website, my yellow cartoon WASP logo, I should use the same fb profile picture of me and my grandchildren.  I do love to show off my grandchildren, but I paid $40 for the right to use that cute cartoon WASP logo.

**One of my subreddits said the WASP idea was aggressive.  And that’s before I even knew what an OP is. During the 4-person in-depth discussion that followed, I almost decided to delete the website.  No “follows,” but I did get 139 views on that thread.  You can’t even get “follows” on Reddit–only up-votes. <a href="

**My other subreddit removed my only post, which was a picture of a real handwritten journal page.  It’s against their rules to post real handwritten journal pages.  You might need to know that.  When you’re new to Redddit it’s embarrassing to get a “you broke the rules like a 5-year old” message.  

**My tweeter friends.  Well, I don’t have any.  And Noreen and I are trying to learn to tweet in time to get in on the Twitter @pitmad (pitch your book to agents day)  @kaybrittain

**LinkedIn:  Contacts haven’t said much.  They all speak Italian, Turkish, or Spanish.  They were my suppliers of marble from when I owned a construction stone import company.  So these transAtlantic businessmen who don’t speak English are at least 7 year old contacts.   I was wishing they might enjoy looking at the pictures of my blog as they go by on the feed.  Linkedin

**Skype:  I upgraded and lost all my contacts (they were all transAtlantic, so no big deal).  Remind me to take Skype off my automatic share menu.  Also remind me how to do that.

**And on Google +.  I hope you can find me because no way can I find you.  I subscribed to so many collections and communities (I have varied interests) that I have shut the door on the bulging feed, and dare not open it again.  It’s a little more calm in here:

Google+/Community/Journaling for Numinosity

Google+/Collections/Journaling   and  C. G. Jung


I’ll make another report next year.


Author: Katherine Brittain

Writer/Cultural Anthropologist

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