McAllen WASP Definition

WASP is a class distinction I have made up for the creative nonfiction, The WASP and El Curandero, whereby W.A.S.P. equals White Anglo Saxon Protestant, equals those McAllen women-including Hispanics-(WASPS) who  1) have Sunday brunch at the Country Club after church;  2) buy their clothes at Sylvia’s;  3) wear elegant manners to the Museum’s galas;  4) are in the Junior League;  5) have children attending St. John’s Episcopal Day School; and  6) drive white suburbans.

That’s just my perspective.  In my particular case, you can include blonde hair and blue eyes-at least my hair was blonde in the years 2000-2002, the time frame of the novel.  I want you to notice my WASP is designated in the novel by small case caps, which arguably summarizes the demographics of my WASP: female/wealthy/and has arrived at the top of what the anthropologist, Durkheim, calls social organization (aka top rung of the ladder).

Author: Katherine Brittain

Cultural Anthropologist/Writer

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